Yeti integrates manage of Your wise house in a single app

Yeti aims to manage your entire wise house from a single app on iOS or Android. We asked the team to tell us what it can do…


You may currently use Philips Hue, Lifx or Wemo to automate your wise house illumination system. You might use Nest or Netatmo to make the heating system smarter as well as save some money as well as energy, as well as numerous other wise gadgets like Sonos speakers or TP-Link wise plugs.

However, every wise gadget has its own mobile app. So, if you would like to manage your lights however they are gadgets from different brands, you’ll requirement much more than one app.

If you only have one brand at house you can get away controlling your system with the producer app however having to switch between apps is not wise at all. So what can you do about this?

Yeti wise house is an app that enables individuals to manage their wise house appliances regardless of their brand. utilizing Yeti,  you can manage your illumination system with only one app. It likewise offers you with a single interface to manage your lighting, heating, noise systems, in truth your entire wise home.

What does a wise house experience look like with Yeti?

Yeti enables you to manage all your wise house gadgets utilizing just one single interface. best now it’s compatible with the complying with brands:

Philips Hue, Lifx, Yeelight & Belkin Wemo lights

Sonos noise products

TP-Link & Belkin Wemo wise plugs

Nest & Netatmo thermostats

Netatmo cameras & motion detectors

The very first time you open the app, Yeti will scan your house network searching for these wise house modules. As soon as it completes the scan process, all your gadgets will be shown in the house screen.

You can likewise add them manually or suggest new ones with the in-app support chat if Yeti doesn’t currently support them.

When you have much more than a few gadgets you may want to organise them by place or type. Yeti enables you to organise your wise gadgets into groups for quicker as well as easier access.

Create ambiences utilizing Yeti’s appeals feature 

Yeti can likewise set off particular behaviors of your wise devices. You can preset your appliances for a particular circumstance as well as then set off all of them with a single tap.

Imagine a scene where you would like to watch a film with all your lights dimmed. All you requirement is to do is produce a ‘charm’ keeping that configuration as well as set off it with just a single tap, instead of having to go bulb by bulb to decrease the brightness of each as well as every single one of them. 

Schedule your gadgets to work immediately utilizing Routines

Yeti can assist you to automate repetitive everyday tasks that you want your gadgets to perform. For example, you might produce a routine to turn on your lights to wake you up in the morning or turn on your heating system one hour before you show up home. set the routines when as well as Yeti will routine the tasks for you.

Visit then download the iOS or Android app as well as provide it a try.

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